A New Professional Space Dedicated to Beauty

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Beauty Collective Lab is a unique place in the city where services are offered focused on recreating the beauty of both women and men, and as everything in tijuana has its own style and is an experience that you must live even if you come in passing by a dental work in Tijuana.

In her capacity as a guest at the Agora Tijuana  Innovadora, Elvia Félix Herrera, makeup artist for film, television, commercials and fashion, shared with those present the different benefits offered in this group located next to the old Agua Caliente Toreo.

There are 13 people in Beauty Collective Lab, where we offer services such as spa, makeup, nails and in general everything that recreates beauty. It is an underground space; also has a coffee and a deli, which as a whole has received very good response from the people.

He said that given the experience with which several people in the region have participated in international programs and films, was the idea of ​​creating this group and that among colleagues could help grow as professionals.

Elvia Félix has more than 20 years of experience in the field of beauty, having worked in films for films such as Resident Evil 3, The Death and Life of Bobby Z and Babel; in television he has lent his talent to series such as Fear the Walking Dead and Tremors, to mention only some of the projects he has been part of.

Personally, and as part of Beauty Collective Lab, makeup artists, combers, we always have to be behind the scenes preparing all these characters that people see, these icons, and I can tell you that here in Tijuana there is a mega industry of film that many do not know.

Similarly, Elvía has been an important ally of InnovaModa since its emergence in 2012, helping in the different castings and being part of the beauty crew in charge of making up the models that paraded during the Pasarela de InnovaModa 2016.

Retirement of old people worry the Hospitals

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50% of the elderly population that is hospitalized in the General Hospital of Tijuana does not have any family member to accompany them and need of assisted living Tijuana Mexico.
On average, 50% of the elderly population that is hospitalized in the General Hospital of Tijuana does not have any family member to accompany them in the times indicated by the doctor.
The foregoing, said the director of the civil hospital, Dr. Clemente Zúñiga Gil, is multifactorial; However, the main reasons are related to the abandonment by family members, as well as being alone at home without anyone to take care of them because those who are responsible for them must work to support the family, however the elderly run the risk of need an urgent medical service and not be able to get it for not having anyone to take them.
Older adults who are more frequently hospitalized live in conditions of vulnerability, their homes do not have all the services, and usually do not have the conditions to stay in good health since they are more likely to suffer an accident or fall than in many cases It can be something deadly or the simple forgetting to take your medicines in time can cause over time a development of your disease.
In the most recent hospitalizations, there is an adult older than 91 years old due to pneumonia and one more due to diagnosis of asthmatic crisis associated with the change in temperature.
For those who have a chronic illness, such as diabetes, hypertension or lung problems, the doctor insisted that they should be highly disciplined in taking their medications, so they need someone with them to help them remind them about the medicine they should take. taking, even the amount, a quantity of more could cause serious problems to your already delicate health.

El Arte De La Cerveza Mexicana

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Desde que la escena de la cerveza artesanal comenzó a ponerse de moda gracias a los hipsters, se han visto numerosas marcas nuevas de cerveza artesanal y México no podía faltar. Después de años de estudio, el movimiento de cerveza artesanal de Tijuana finalmente ha despegado, y no muestra signos de desaceleración. Los cerveceros locales son francos sobre el hecho de que aprendieron de los mejores en la vecina San Diego, la cual se conoce por tener la mejor cerveza artesanal de América, pero era solo cuestión de tiempo antes de que la infame ciudad fronteriza desarrollara su propio estilo único. Los lúpulos y maltas para Tijuana Brews pueden provenir de Estados Unidos, pero son los ingredientes locales los que realmente los hacen cantar. De hecho, las cervezas artesanales son un reflejo de Tijuana: llena de peculiaridades y contrastes interesantes y muy influenciada por la comida, seria un delito no probar una cuando vayas de visita con tu mejor dentista en Tijuana.

Una de las mayores diferencias entre las culturas cerveceras de las dos ciudades está en la actitud. Ivan Morales, jefe cervecero de Cervecería Insurgente dice: “Los proyectos de elaboración de cerveza en San Diego generalmente comienzan con un presupuesto más alto, pero aquí nos enfocamos en cervecerías más pequeñas. Nuestras tabernas son más como bares y se han convertido en el lugar para salir en Tijuana. En estas operaciones más íntimas, la línea entre barman y cervecero se vuelve borroso, y muchas salas de degustación terminan pareciéndose más a laboratorios.

Realmente estamos tratando de hacer que los turistas se sientan bienvenidos dice Giovanni Brassea, chef y propietario del camión de comida HUMO, que colabora regularmente con cervecerías artesanales. Antes, Tijuana tenía mala reputación. Era una ciudad fiestera, y de alguna manera todavía lo es, pero ahora también es una ciudad llena de comida. Los tipos de turistas que llegan últimamente son notablemente diferentes. Y la industria de servicios de Tijuana le está dando turistas lo que quieren.

En la calle de Teorema / Ludic, el pequeño pero moderno restaurante La Justina sirve principalmente comida orgánica, incluyendo verduras recién cortadas, carne criada localmente y miel directamente del peine. Toman en serio su maridaje de cervezas y tienen una lista de cervezas artesanales constantemente en rotación. “Ahora hay tantas cervezas buenas, solo tenemos que seguir cambiándolas”, dice el chef Marco Rodríguez. “La comida mexicana tiene muchas especias y sabores fuertes, que generalmente van bien con un montón de cervezas con lúpulo, así que siempre tenemos algunas IPA en el menú”.

Agrega que la comida mexicana se come típicamente con cervezas pálidas, pero muchos platos de mariscos, como ceviches o aguachiles, se combinan cada vez más con infusión de cítricos en lugar de la corona habitual y un mole oaxaqueña, con sus chiles y vainilla quemada, funciona bien con una cerveza negra oscura con toques de higos, pasas y especias”.


Beyond Borders catwalk in San Diego

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To promote the beautiful work of artisans of Mexican textiles that are something almost magical, Paulina and Malinali designers held the fashion show named Beyond Borders, which was jointly organized by the Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego and Tijuana Innovative.
The president and founder of Tijuana Innovadora, José Galicot commented that the importance of the work carried out by InnovaModa through its director, Ana Gurría, is to start from scratch and become a fashion industry in the region.
It is an honor to Tijuana Innovative participate in such events that highlight the name of Mexico elsewhere and also serve to strengthen an entire industry from local businesses where jewelry or shoes is made up brands local designers who have had available to both national as well as international. Significantly, the fashion industry requires not only clothes but also multiple services such as makeup, hair, manicure, facial and body treatments and even if they hide, many models get performed liposuction in Tijuana Mexico and all this flow of money benefits the city.
On the other hand, the Consul General of Mexico in San Diego, Marcela Celorio recognized the talent of both designers for their simple and at the same time, artistic way of working for what they have sought to use their dresses in some events.
It is worth mentioning that the parade took place at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) in Balboa Park as part of the photographic exhibition “Point / Counterpoint”, also made by amazing Mexican photographers who are changing the world of the photography.
“We thank Innovative Tijuana, Ana Gurria and everyone who helped make this event itself was difficult to do but that’s what makes the difference, we want to know who is Mexico and how capable we are Mexicans” , he concluded.

Fashion And Its Fight With The Environment

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We hear the word: Fashion and think about Coco Chanel, inspiration, innovation, sometimes extravagance, but sadly it also has a negative side and we are not talking about the thousands of people who perform weight loss surgery tijuana mexico to look like the models, We speak of: pollution, labor exploitation and consumerism, recently the UN has cataloged the phenomenon of “fast fashion” as an environmental emergency.

And although some clothing brands have collaborated with recycling campaigns in a small struggle to compensate for all the damage they cause, it seems that the industry does not do much or almost nothing about it.

Before it was a topic that is unknown or not had many tests in sight but now with documentaries and information on the web you can clearly see that the fashion industry is polluting rivers, seas and even seems to bring back a kind of slavery for the people who make the clothes. To end with these connotations is the main challenge of the textile industry, a challenge that will be discussed today and tomorrow at the CIPE Costume Museum where the advances that have occurred in the industry in terms of sustainability are analyzed. A land where there is still much to be done.

And is that the latest data thrown on this sector are not encouraging. According to recent reports from GreenPeace, 20% of the toxic discharges in rivers and seas come from the textile industry, which in the last 15 years has doubled garment production.

I did not want to start the day being negative, but I do believe that we have to be realistic, said Gómez, whose words justified the need for a conference like these, in which experts in sustainability from around the world debate solutions to the great problem that the Fashion is for the Environment.

But before, sustainable fashion must solve its own problems, such as the negative perceptions that exist in society or doubts about its economic profitability, has pointed out, a founder of the sustainable fashion consultant.

Despite these barriers, Bettoni has been optimistic since, she assures, that the feasible business model to produce sustainable fashion is getting closer. You just have to find the formula that combines “design, innovation and responsibility”.

The most usual thing is that the firms that comply perfectly with the design are not sustainable, and those that are are forgetting that fashion design is fundamental.

Sustainable Cities, A Solution Based On Nature

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All countries should worry about having green infrastructures, create more green areas just as houses for sale in rosarito, reuse rainwater instead of throwing it down the drain and create sustainable pavements among other actions, since working with nature and not against it is socially profitable , environmentally and economically. A country that sets an example is China, since by 2020, sixteen sustainable pilot cities will be built in an area of ​​more than 450 square kilometers.

There has been a lot of talk that demand for water will increase in all sectors, but little has been done. The challenge we must all face is to meet this demand in a way that did not exacerbate the negative impacts on ecosystems as well as improve natural capital and support a competitive and efficient economy in the use of resources. Solutions based on Nature can be profitable and, at the same time, provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

One of the solutions are sustainable cities, where green infrastructure approaches are applied in urban landscapes, mainly to improve water availability. It is, above all, to prevent rainwater flooding cities while implementing ways to conserve it for reuse instead of simply channeling it down the drains. It has been shown that payment schemes for environmental services and green bonds generate an interesting return and reduce the need and costs of a larger infrastructure, often more expensive, necessary for the management of water resources and the provision of services of water supply and sanitation.

This concept has already started in China. The objective of the project is for 70% of rainwater to be absorbed and used through improved water permeation, retention and storage, purification and drainage, as well as water savings and reuse. This goal should be achieved in 20% of urban areas by 2020 and 80% of urban areas by 2030. It is expected that through this project mitigate the negative impacts of urban construction on ecosystems natural

The application of nature-based solutions throughout the city, such as green roofs, permeable pavements and bioremediation, together with the restoration of wetlands and urban and peri-urban rivers, are the basis of this national initiative.

Initial results include alleviating urban waterlogging, improving water-related ecosystems, promoting industrial development, and increasing overall public satisfaction. The central planning of the policy, actively aligned with the implementation at the local level, has incorporated the concept of the sponge city into urban planning and ecological restoration at the city and district levels.

Some examples of measures include the installation of green roofs, walls and permeable pavement, as well as the revitalization of degraded lakes and wetlands, which absorb excess rainwater. Rain gardens and bioretention systems are then used to collect runoff and eliminate certain contaminants. Part of this water is returned to the natural system and stored to ensure the availability of water for irrigation and cleaning purposes during periods of drought.

Tijuana Paints Color With The Largest Mural In Latin America

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It is not uncommon to hear that Mexicans have a great talent for art, since ancient times we can see art in their paintings, costumes, makeup, jewelry and crafts.
And now the largest mural in Latin America is in Infonavit Lomas Verdes colony of Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico, the municipal government reported after it was unveiled.

There are 77 thousand 520 square meters in that working class housing located east of the city and is called North-South Encounter.

The macro mural is composed of two murals that cover several facades of the buildings where the images of a quetzal were captured, and a coyote, representative animals from the south and north of the country.

It is also composed of 15 murals the size of one of the facades and 15 more murals made by children in the community. You can take the opportunity to marvel at this work of art in your visit to the city when you come for a treatment with a dentist in Mexico or for if you came just to look around.

The mural is composed of two parts that cover various facades of houses.

They captured images of a quetzal, and a coyote, animals representative of the south and north of the state.
In addition to the residents of Infonavit Lomas Verdes, 15 artists participated in the Association for Research and Support for Social Development of Vulnerable Groups of Tijuana A.C.

Javier López, one of the creators and coordinators of this project, said that three years ago they were looking for this project.

This is not the first similar effort in this border city, because for several months the fence that divides Tijuana and San Diego has become a canvas.

There the plastic artist Enrique Chiu, helped by civil associations, some authorities and other volunteers, is painting the mural of the brotherhood.

The objective of the participants is to turn that metal fence into Guinness record as the largest mural in the world outside.

Reasons for the popularity of skype spanish classes

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Learning a new language can be an exciting experience

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3 Reasons Why Your New Jersey Business Should Call an Oil Tank Removal Company

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Does your business have a buried oil tank on its property? Who knows. After all, oil tanks were the main ways factories and businesses supplied heat at the turn of the century, and many still exist throughout the state of New Jersey. I bet you won’t lose sleep over that. Now let’s frame the question in a different way: is there a potential lawsuit hidden on your property that violated Federal regulations? Is there a lawsuit buried under the ground just waiting to surface from an employee who becomes ill and takes you to court for thousands? Now that sleep easy night doesn’t seem so guaranteed. The truth of the matter is that when you call an oil tank removal company for commercial properties, you can prevent impending disasters from striking.

Oil Tank Removal Companies Offer Peace of Mind

Oil tank removal companies offer peace of mind in multiple ways. The most common way is simply ensuring business owners that no threat is on their property by performing oil tank inspection services. Experts use special oil tank location technology to pinpoint a tank’s location. Then the most cost-effective and safest strategy is laid out to determine the best way to remove the object. If the tank is already leaking then the company’s soil remediation crew will come out to ensure no additional threat will befall your property. Even if an oil tank inspection crew gives you the word that no tank exists on your premises, this can be valuable information to know.

Show your Employees You Care

If you own or manage a factory or large commercial property (New Jersey is lined with them) there is probably a big disconnect between you and your employees, especially the low level people who keep your business thriving. One way to show your gratitude is to have a New Jersey state certified oil tank removal company come out to perform inspections. Let your employees know that buried oil tanks can leak into the soil and pose a number of health threats, and that you are putting their safety on the top shelf of your priorities.

Protect Your Property’s Resale Value

New Jersey’s commercial real estate is a hot market, and sellers go above and beyond to get full asking price or even create bidding wars when they are ready to sell and move on. A leaking oil tank can cause irreversible damage to the soil making it infertile (even unable to grow grass). Leaking oil tanks can also contaminate groundwater and garner fines form the Federal government. Call an oil tank removal company to come perform an inspection because a certificate attesting to the fact that your land is void of a decrepit 100-year old tank oozing petroleum into the soil will amp up desire for your property and help you get the most for your asking price.

Oil Tank Removal in New Jersey is a Common Practice

Oil tank removal companies are constantly busy driving all over New Jersey inspecting commercial properties for buried tanks. Don’t be one of those who turns your back to this crucial service that saves millions of dollars to business on a yearly basis.