Does your business have a buried oil tank on its property? Who knows. After all, oil tanks were the main ways factories and businesses supplied heat at the turn of the century, and many still exist throughout the state of New Jersey. I bet you won’t lose sleep over that. Now let’s frame the question in a different way: is there a potential lawsuit hidden on your property that violated Federal regulations? Is there a lawsuit buried under the ground just waiting to surface from an employee who becomes ill and takes you to court for thousands? Now that sleep easy night doesn’t seem so guaranteed. The truth of the matter is that when you call an oil tank removal company for commercial properties, you can prevent impending disasters from striking.

Oil Tank Removal Companies Offer Peace of Mind

Oil tank removal companies offer peace of mind in multiple ways. The most common way is simply ensuring business owners that no threat is on their property by performing oil tank inspection services. Experts use special oil tank location technology to pinpoint a tank’s location. Then the most cost-effective and safest strategy is laid out to determine the best way to remove the object. If the tank is already leaking then the company’s soil remediation crew will come out to ensure no additional threat will befall your property. Even if an oil tank inspection crew gives you the word that no tank exists on your premises, this can be valuable information to know.

Show your Employees You Care

If you own or manage a factory or large commercial property (New Jersey is lined with them) there is probably a big disconnect between you and your employees, especially the low level people who keep your business thriving. One way to show your gratitude is to have a New Jersey state certified oil tank removal company come out to perform inspections. Let your employees know that buried oil tanks can leak into the soil and pose a number of health threats, and that you are putting their safety on the top shelf of your priorities.

Protect Your Property’s Resale Value

New Jersey’s commercial real estate is a hot market, and sellers go above and beyond to get full asking price or even create bidding wars when they are ready to sell and move on. A leaking oil tank can cause irreversible damage to the soil making it infertile (even unable to grow grass). Leaking oil tanks can also contaminate groundwater and garner fines form the Federal government. Call an oil tank removal company to come perform an inspection because a certificate attesting to the fact that your land is void of a decrepit 100-year old tank oozing petroleum into the soil will amp up desire for your property and help you get the most for your asking price.

Oil Tank Removal in New Jersey is a Common Practice

Oil tank removal companies are constantly busy driving all over New Jersey inspecting commercial properties for buried tanks. Don’t be one of those who turns your back to this crucial service that saves millions of dollars to business on a yearly basis.