For the Easter holiday period, it is expected the arrival of more than 90,000 visitors and an economic income of 7.2 million dollars. The reasons why foreign people visit the city are varied, some to visit relatives, get to know the city and surroundings, buy handicrafts and some even come for their dentists in Tijuana.

The director of the Committee of Tourism and Conventions of Tijuana said that the estimates for the coast are approximately between 10 and 15,000 people, mainly of Mexican origin, but also groups of tourists from the Asian continent, and Mexicans living in the United States.

We are ready to receive only 25% more people this week in Avenida Revolución, Plaza Santa Cecilia, an increase in Playas de Tijuana of more than 40 percent. We are thinking that the beaches will be crowded especially because the weather is helping us.

The president of the agency explained that initially, they expected a decrease due to the exchange rate that was in the exchange of the national currency against the dollar when its value ranged from 20 pesos per greenback.

However, now that its value fell around 18 pesos, the authorities estimate that there could be an increase of between 25% and 40% more tourists since people recovered part of their purchasing power with the recovery of the Mexican currency.

Nationwide, Tijuana is the fourth most important city, but it is also the second city with the best connections.

The president of Cotuco added that not even the increase in violence has inhibited the number of visitors; This is despite the fact that for these dates there have already been more than 350 murders so far this year, as there is still a perception of security due to the existence of armored areas considered safe.

Tijuana is still safe, what is happening are isolated events that are not touching the areas of tourist influx in our city. The concern should be when that happens because there will hit us all.